What is NBR Pay?

About NBR-Pay

O NBR Pay aims to break the barrier by increasing the use of virtual currency
with online payments.

We built a platform
with NBR

NBR-Pay is an online payment platform, effective in the payment of tickets, recharges and credits of cell phones, pay-TV.

In NBR-Pay you can choose to pay your debts with Real (R $), Niobio Cash (NBR) or with Bitcoin (BTC). In addition to being able to pay without leaving home, NBR-Pay works with a "Cash-back" system where in any service or product purchased or paid by the platform, it returns to the user's wallet the value of R $ 0.10 each that is, you also profit.

o que é NBR-Pay?

The best Services

we provide various services for use such as Netflix, Steam ...
Free yourself and use your money as you wish.

Netflix Recharge.

Nothing better than a Journey of series and movies with Netflix.

Buy credits to your "Netflix" account with Niobio Cash (NBR) or Reais (BRL) and enjoy good movie and series journeys with your family.


Credit for Games.

To play favorite game and pay with criptomoeda, never was so real.

At NBR-Pay you can buy credits with the currency of your choice for games:
-> Xbox;
-> Level Up Games;
-> League Of Legends;
-> Steam;
-> Rixty;
-> Blizzard;
-> Minecraft.

Credit Uber.

Travel quietly to your appointments.

You need a ride? Buy credits for your "Uber" account in the way you prefer with the currency and prefer. :)


Play Store Credit.

Buy apps or games on the "Play Store" is easy, enter your account and choose how you want to pay.


NBR-Pay with unfair rates to use!

Enjoy this great opportunity.

How it works?

Fees will be charged when the checkout is run on Cryptomoedas, ensuring real-time quote to the user.

The amount of the fee to be charged will be 0.25% of the currency chosen for settlement.
Por exemplo:

Payment with: NBR

FEES: 0.25% NBR

If you paid a ticket with Niobio Cash (NBR), the fee will be charged at (NBR) within the platform.

Promotions !!!

NBR-Pay and its promotions!

Be part of this novelty, do not delay.



For users pre-registered at the launch of the Platform, will be provided 30 days of purchase of services and products NO RATE, and you can still profit from the system's "Cash-back".


The word "cashback" comes from English and literally means "money back". It works simply: the consumer makes a purchase and his benefit comes with the return of some of the money spent.

In the NBR-Pay, for each purchase executed within the platform, the user in question, will receive back the value of R $ 0.10 per purchase. This amount is returned according to the currency used for payment. EX:

Payment with: NBR

Conversion: EX: 0,10 BRL = 2.38 NBR

What is Niobio Cash?

About Niobio Cash

Niobio Cash is basically a virtual currency.

Niobio cash is a Brazilian crypto-currency created in 2017, with the objective of being a fast, safe and efficient payment method. In addition, five percent of the coins will be destined to encourage research on Brazilian mineral wealth.

o que é NBR-Pay?
How it works?

Creation Team

The idea and the development of this platform
creation from these people.

Otávio Ribeiro
Victor Peres

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We are prepared to heal your questions.

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